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    PartnerNet Group

    Public Group | Founded: 03 Jun 2009 | Serving 29976 members

    Partners with a PartnerNet account are automatically associated to the PartnerNet Group. You can post content publicly (default) or privately “for partners only” in any of the Symantec Connect communities by selecting the PartnerNet Group when submitting content.

    Watch this short video and learn why you would want to join the PartnerNet Group:  Partner Connect, A Great Resource!

    Group Activity

    New discussion 18 Dec 2019
    My client has AIP implemented. Some of the documents are protected using AIP native classification. We are looking for fingerprinting these protected files. Is it possible? I know we can detect content of RMS protected files on the detection servers ...
    New discussion 17 Dec 2019
    Hi Symantec staffs, Our customer reported to us that they could not see any log from client GUI.  After studying and searching, we found that we need local admin user, in order to see those logs. Problems is that there is no warning or indicator ...